In addition to stock cables, GISMA is able to design any required cable und to offer it with short delivery time in corporation with European cable manufactures. Our product range covers all imaginable cable types: electrical, coax, f/o cables and hybrid system cables.

Main fields of application are:

  • offshore industry
  • naval technology
  • marine research
  • renewable energy
  • industry applications

Technical specifications:

  • PUR cable jacket material
  • special jacket materials are available
  • lateral and longitudinal watertight
  • system and hybrid cables
  • strain relief up to 300,000 N
  • outer steel armouring
  • high pressure watertightness
  • operating voltage max. 6.6 kV
  • 0,25 to 400 mm²
  • 1 to 265 wires
  • coax up to 18 Ghz
  • f/o fibers for single and multimode
  • hydraulic and air tubes are available
  • test pressure up to 800 bar
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